Teaching Yourself Art – Everyone Can Do It

There is a common fear of the graphic arts. People believe they are only practiced by those who truly understand drawing – those who have given some talent form all-high. But the truth is slightly different. For starters, art is all about your ability to be amazed, and specifically – to appreciate something that is aesthetical and pleasing.

This is why many artists – and specifically graphic artists – who first start drawing suck. They can’t put anything together without copying it. But thanks to their dedication and countless hours spent drawing and practicing, they eventually get to the point where they can do something more beautiful and more inspiring.

Of course, you can argue that there are those people who can create beautiful drawing right off the top of their head – and this is true. But unfortunately, we are not all born equal. Some have better aptitudes and might get a head start.

But hey, just because you can’t draw well right from the get-go this doesn’t mean you wouldn’t one day come up with far more impressive work. In fact, late bloomers are quite an impressive lot. They take a long, long while to blossom – that’s for sure.

Teaching Yourself Art – Everyone Can Do It

And on the road to success, they often take the back seat. After all, there are many other people who are hogging the limelight. But take it from me – you can become an artist no matter what. You can create beautiful landscapes, portraits and digital art of all sorts – fantasy, animation, and realistic drawings.

Just pick the ones you enjoy yourself and dive into it – no questions asked.

Getting the Basics Right

Ah, the basics – they can be quite daunting. My best piece of advice is – find something that you truly enjoy doing. So, you really like copying other people’s art and you are even somewhat good at it – then start there. Spend all the time you need to copy things you like, but hey – don’t forget it’s also time to learn something new.

So, while at it and copying some cool paintings, why don’t you spend at least an hour practicing. There are truly just two difficult aspects of drawing. Well, there are more, but for the purposes of your beginner’s practice, I would suggest focusing on the most realistic ones – drawing the human body – either from an anatomy book or life – and drawing nature – from life.

These two will disappoint you quite a few times, but you must not give up. Practice makes perfect, and guess what? There are tons of tutorials you can watch out there and teach yourself more neat tricks. The key to success you might wonder? Do not give up – no matter what.

Consistency will always see you through in any endeavor, but if you develop the habit to just give up too early, you might actually end up losing a lot of progress and momentum.

Study Online Tutorials.

One interesting thing about drawing is that you can study on your own – true, you will probably have to do a lot of trial and effort, but with time – you will learn. Online tutorials or even YouTube videos are a great opportunity to do just that.

And not only that, but there is even more. YouTube can be the source of great help in so many different professions. You can even perhaps try to change your lock on your own using a YouTube video, although I strongly recommend booking a professional locksmith service instead. There are some great ones such as https://www.ontimelocksmiths.com/locksmith-prices that will solve your problems right away.

In the meantime, I strongly encourage you to seek those YouTube or tutorial series that truly focus on what you need to know about your craft. With time, you will also start to spot your own mistakes – true that really takes quite some time, but give it enough time – and consistency – and you will be able to solve anything that comes your way – plain and simple.

Once you have learned the basics, you will be able to push past that and let’s face it – drawing and graphic design are two of the most fun things you can ever do with your time. Learn these – be passionate about them – and you will never have to work another day in your life!

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