Game for development

Game for development

During the Christmas holidays Or holidays on important days Many children were looking forward to the present. By choosing gifts, parents would like to have brain development. They may choose to purchase games that affect the development of the child. However, every game is more useful than you might think. And whether it’s a board game or a casino game that is just right for the kids, playing has many advantages for our children.

An article in the journal Pediatrics outlines the importance of playing smoke-like games. And let the children have fun playing “This game is not important,” but even then, it was confirmed in the newspaper to Two times together that “It plays a part in building a good brain,” the authors – Michael Yogman, Andrew Garner, Jeffrey Hutchinson, Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, and Roberta Michnick Golinkoff – called on pediatricians to take an active role in writing. “Gambling” for young patients during their first two years of life.

For example, some games that are hardly known. Development psychologist, Temple University professor and Brookings Institute researcher Hirsh-Pasek, she explains, “Targeting Doctors, the newspaper hopes to build on the success of a literacy initiative called Reach Out and Read. 5 million people each year by distributing books to children during doctor visits.

So, do we have to define a game for the kids? Here are some ways to understand the importance of this activity for their development.

Playing is essential for healthy brain development.

In order to grow and develop healthy connections, our brains need so-called neurotrophic factors that originate from the brain.This article cites studies that have shown the benefits of enjoyable activities in young rats that have been allowed. Chase and “fight” half an hour of this kind of play a day results in a change in gene expression in a way that promotes the production of this famous neurotrphic factor.

Therefore, it is healthy for young children to let off steam and play with their friends so that their brains can develop in a healthy way.

Gambling reduces the risk of obesity and related illnesses.

Toddlers with the opportunity to run, jump and climb grow to be physically confident and more likely to be healthy adults.

The studies referred to in this article followed children in low-income municipal kindergartens. Young people who played at least an hour of outdoor play a day showed significantly improved body mass index. Those who spent the most time outdoors were 42% less likely to be overweight by the end of the year.The most positive associations were highest among children growing up in less-safe neighborhoods.

Playing helps children cope with stress and recover from injury.

This is a new field where researchers are collecting large amounts of consistent data. The article refers to animal studies as well as one year of study conducted in kindergarten.

Disruptive young children are regularly assigned to play one-on-one with the teacher, with the adults letting the child lead. It is a method that allows children to keep warm moments and build a social bond. Compared to the control group, children in this study showed improved behavior and a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol.

Introducing kids to casino games (such as roulette, baccarat, and online bingo) without spending any money, of course, is also a great way to teach them how to deal with stress. The intervention of chance and the truth of not knowing the outcome of the game can teach them to better understand the unknown and make thoughtful and quiet decisions.

Play helps families bond.

Playing is essential for building a relationship between parents or other carers and children. Conversations with children that come out of play are essential to building a healthy brain. And playing stimulates mood This will help children learn to control their emotions when they are disappointed, sad, or upset.

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