Nannies’ Corner: Tips For Preventing Home Lockouts

So you have been considering working as a nanny for a while now. Maybe it is as a means of rounding your income, while doing something pleasant you never go to do while you were younger. Or maybe you just happen to love children and you have always wanted a job like this, where you can take care of them and receive satisfactory payment for it. Unfortunately, babysitting is not all fun an games. There are quite a few risks associated to this particular activity. And they do not only refer to the chocking, tripping and falling, or the rest of accidents and injuries that the children you are responsible for supervising could experience. Your own health or safety could be jeopardized provided the someone would break into the home of the family you have been hired to babysit for.

Or vandals and home invaders could also represent real threats you should worry about. The more aware you are about the things happening around you, and the potential risks and hazards are could be facing, the better prepared you should be to handle any scenario. Including an accidental home lockout. Yes, these things happen to lots of people, and simply because you are babysitting and you are not inside your own home does not means that you could not still lock yourself out.

The Risks Of A Home Lockout

If you are responsible for looking after a young toddler or a baby, and you were to accidentally lock yourself out of the house or apartment while the small one is inside, you could be looking at a series of unfortunate events happening. Add a pot of boiling water into the equation or some sharp tools that are at the easy reach for the children locked into the house and you should get an even better picture of what could possible happen.

While calling an emergency home lockout locksmith should immediately solve the problem, those precious minutes from placing a call to a locksmith dispatch number up until they will actually arrive at the doorstep will feel like years. And it only takes a fraction of a second for a tragedy to happen!

While it is critical to keep emergency locksmith numbers of local services stored in your phone, and make sure you carry it on you at all times, prevention is your most powerful tool.

How To Prevent Home Lockouts

Ask the parents if there is any spare key they might have left with their neighbors. You should be able to quickly use the key in the event of a lockout, as it will be a lot quicker than the parents coming back with their own key, or calling a locksmith.

You can also ask for a spare key you can keep in your purse, even though this may be a long shot and not all parents might agree to provide you with an additional key to their home.

Place the key you will receive into a special phone case holder. Provided you constantly keep hold on to your phone like the rest of us, you should be able to considerably lower the risk of locking yourself out while babysitting.5 Common Questions About Emergency Locksmith Services

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