Nikolay Karev

Art and Mood- How Art Influences Us

Art comes in various forms such as literature art, visual art, decorative art, and graphic arts. Also, art is expressed through dance, music, and architecture. These various art forms are known for their aesthetic and market value. But more than it’s material benefits, art also plays a vital role in […]

Is It Difficult Learning to Draw?

Our senses are almost over-saturated with great pictures and drawings online. To the everyday person who doesn’t care about drawing, those might look interesting, or they might not look like anything much at all. One question has kept coming up again and again. It’s quite simple: is it difficult to […]

Nannies’ Corner: Tips For Preventing Home Lockouts

So you have been considering working as a nanny for a while now. Maybe it is as a means of rounding your income, while doing something pleasant you never go to do while you were younger. Or maybe you just happen to love children and you have always wanted a […]

7 Essential Tips To Paint Portraits From Photographs

Portrait painting can be seriously intimidating, especially for many beginners. Drawing a human face is a challenging goal because of the many different details that give that face its specific expression. And what about colours? Getting the right colours for each small detail of the face is always hard and […]