5 Communication Expressive Style Tips For Young Painters

If you are a young painter and you really want to reach your public in a more direct way through expressive painting and effective artistic style, then it’s time for you to stop for a while and learn techniques that will help you achieve your goals.

First of all, remember that painting is a form of communication.  Among the several forms of communication, images and pictures are important components. Think for a while about advertising: images represent a core part of the job for professionals in the advertising field. As you can understand, the more effective the image, the more powerful the ads!

Our Golden Tips For Superb Painting

Now, back to the point – you need to learn how you can effectively bring your painting to the next level. Consider that painting is often associated with the idea of freedom, so feel free to make your new ideas come true, don’t fear a thing and experiment over and over to improve your original style.

Here are more precious tips for you to help you acquire a superb style that will conquer all of your followers!landscape

  1. Use the “other hand”: either you normally use your right or left hand to write and paint, try to use the other hand and see what happens. Your painting style will change into something new, the way you draw figures will look absolutely original and somehow unexpected! It’s exactly what you need to give your regular painting style a new and amazing spin.  Moreover, when using the other hand, you have the opportunity to improve your muscle memory.
  2. Less is more: it’s not a simple way to reduce the importance of what you paint. When we say that less is more we do mean that you’d better eliminate some details from your painting, so to make it look lighter, free of useless elements and easier to understand. After all, most people don’t come from specialized art schools, so they wouldn’t be able to appreciate a painting which looks a little bit “too much” in colors, details and shapes.
  3. Essential subject: when painting a scenery, you need to identify the most relevant subjects of your painting and the unnecessary elements. Although you may think for a while that everything in your painting is necessary, believe or not, there are still a few elements that might also not to be there. Not every petal is actually needed! Put such elements aside of the main scene and focus on what really matters, that is the main subject of your painting.no outlines
  4. No precise lines: certain painting look more suggestive and expressive than others. Why is that possible? If you try to compare different paintings on this point, you will see that the most attractive ones do not have precise lines in them: that is, no outlines make the entire painting look dreamy, soft and genuine. In a word, the huma eye is more attracted by figures and elements that do not have precisely neat edges, it’s like if our brain could “complete” the image that we see by adding virtual edges on its own. Keep in mind that when the brain is somehow involved in the painting, the people who look at it can experience a more active role and “feel” the painting as part of their mental experience.
  5. Colors represent an important part of all paintings, included black-and-white art pieces (black and white are always two colors!). When you have to choose colors, make sure that you use an awkward brush as well. It’s important to use colors in the right quantity, so in certain cases you might need to exaggerate a little to give your painting an extra bit of expression. Or, on the contrary, you might need to soften the tones, depending from your style and communication goals.

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