Why Fantasy Is So Important to Us?

Fantasy arguably has no real added value to the world. Yet, this may be just a disgruntled statement by someone who has none. To argue that a person is without any spark of ingenuity, though, is rather harsh. In fact, the said person might just need a bit of a jostle to tap into their own creative juices.

It’s true that imagination plays a key part in all of our lives. Of course, practical adults might advise against daydreaming, but anyone who has made a career out of imagining things would argue the opposite.

At the very least, a rich imagination leads to a more satisfying spiritual life. Now, the power of imagination is quite potent. It can help you beat boredom, overcome madness, create stories that are told decades or even centuries after you are gone.

It’s true that the world is over-saturated today with fantastic stories of all sorts, but this shouldn’t really stop you from giving it all a go. In any event, fantasy can actually have great and positive effects on your development as a person and as a professional.

How does fantasy and imagination manifest itself today?

Drawing – The Surest Way to Fantasy

Many people get into drawing because they have all those ideas inside their heads and channeling these ideas is often difficult. Words can be a real struggle to some, as words tend to have their own elusive nature.

And besides, not everyone loves words and so another outlet must be found. Thankfully, drawing can quickly become this necessary escape and fantasy comes to life. Now, the good news is that you getting into the drawing is not just a matter of being an idle painter with an expensive hobby.

You can actually start creating some real value in the world. Most fantasy artists will often go into activities such as game development, as it’s one of the most challenging and rewarding activities there is. Creating worlds off the top of your hat is a vastly rewarding activity that you should know comes with a great deal of satisfaction.

Of course, it’s not just to assume that just anyone becomes a great artist through talent alone. Talent might be there, but the ability to appreciate beauty is another thing altogether, and that’s where your true talent should lie.

If you have a keen eye and love colors and fantasy, then what’s left for you is to teach yourself how to draw which could take a lot longer for you than for many of your peers to whom it comes rather naturally.

Art in Everyday Activities

You could argue that art is really outside of anything you know, but that’s not quite true. Even when you have a locksmith come and re-key your door, they might show a great deal of artistic creativity. You might wonder, what is this about?

Well, put this way, any company can rekey your lock right away, but choosing the right lock that will match the rest of the door’s design is a matter of creativity, imagination, and expertise, of course. And so, while this may look like an insignificant detail, everyone would prefer their door relocked and keyed in a manner that is visually appealing and very much adding to the value of their property.

The good news is that such services do exist and you can browse this site to find the locksmith service you would be interested in yourself.

Imagination Is Defining for Careers, Too

There is little doubt that marketing and advertisement, for example, are completely reliant on one’s ability to be creative.   Creative beyond anything conventional or corny. This is why marketing specialists are paid a fair deal of money to do what they do best, come up with catchy slogans that will prompt people into action.

Yes, not everyone can be a successful marketer. And success is not calculated based on the conversions you get, but rather on how original and apt your work is. Coming up with the right slogan is a temporary job.

Phrases such as “Don’t worry, you didn’t burn the beer honey” might have been OK 50 years ago, but in a world that is increasingly sensitive to gender bias, such turns of phrases just won’t slide. Yes, there’s a transient nature to advertising, but imagination is one of the key drivers.

We are faced with reality every day and deal with it the best way we can. But to carry on, we need a glimmer of hope that things can get much, much better than what we have today!

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