Art and Mood- How Art Influences Us

Art comes in various forms such as literature art, visual art, decorative art, and graphic arts. Also, art is expressed through dance, music, and architecture. These various art forms are known for their aesthetic and market value. But more than it’s material benefits, art also plays a vital role in boosting our brain and enhancing our physical health.

Various researches and studies have proven art’s strong influences on human health. One of which is the research conducted by Deirdre Heenan. The research evaluated the impact of creative arts in promoting positive mental health. There’s also University College London professor Semir Zeki who discovered that art has the same effects to the person similar to romantic love. In short, art is also a valuable component in our growth as a person. 

The Health Benefits of Art

Art plays a valuable role in boosting one’s confidence and personality. It makes people more engaged and appreciative of visuals and other forms of art. Any form of art brings physical, emotional, and mental health benefits to people. Listed below are the benefits of art to various aspects of human health. 

  1. Art elevates your mood. At times of emotional distress, creating visual arts can change your mood to a better one. It creates positivity and increases open-mindedness. Art lets you out of distracting thoughts and occupational voids. It frees you from unnecessary emotions that could hinder happiness and contentment. Visual art is one of the best ways to express emotions without words.
  2. Art as a stress reliever. Art forms such as visual arts is an effective way to relieve stress. Combined with fun playing, the use of arts in video games is good stress relief. For example, if you play visually-impressive and theme-rich video games or casino games, you are entertained and it can bring happiness. This is true when you play online slot games from top vendors like Netent and Yggdrasil Gaming which use impressive visuals and exciting themes. The game can take you to places and explore different cultures while playing for instant wins. While enjoying the slot game, you will feel relaxed as you look at aesthetically pleasing graphics. Some of the appealing online slots are Warlords: Crystals of Power and Raging Rex. So, it pays to check out the casino reviews at all times to find the best sites that offer relaxing casino games.
  3. Art improves mental health. As art encourages creativity, studies have proven that it helps improve brain health. It keeps the brain active and promotes effective communication. Art boosts drive and focus. Furthermore, it keeps your brain more emotionally resilient. This only means that your resistance to stress is increased. When communication in the brain is well-stimulated, you are most likely to surpass the usual stress and problems that we often face everyday.
  4. Art helps fight depression. Most people are experiencing stress and anxiety that leads to depression. It should be noted that depression is a serious matter that may lead to undesirable results, and there are many sources of depression which makes it a sensitive topic. However, you can fight depression through the use of art. As it increases positive emotions,  art frees you from distress. The likelihood of having depression is reduced when you learn to appreciate the arts. People experiencing depression can use art to focus on positive life experiences instead of negative ones.
  5. Art helps improve physical health. Arts not only impact mental health but also physical health. Researches have shown positive effects using suggested physical activities. These activities include but are not limited to dance and other performing arts. Appreciation and engagement with recreational art often lead to improved physical health outcomes.
  6. Art drives positive change. If a person is full of anxiety, insecurities, and despair, art can be used as a driver of positive change. Art influences a person psychologically. It is beneficial in realizing self-worth and reducing unnecessary emotions and feelings. The more you self-reflect, the better personality you will develop.
  7. Art improves the social aspect of your life. When you are happy and contented, your emotions manifest these feelings. Art helps you embrace your inner self. It also aids in developing better social interactions with other people. Art appreciation also leads you to be a self-reflective and expressive individual.   

In general, the arts can have a powerful contribution to human health and well-being. Visual arts can help turn your negative mood into a positive one. Apart from visual arts, recreational art can also improve your physical health condition. Art helps you express yourself and train your body along the way. Whatever form of art you engage in, its beneficial impact is priceless and countless. And it’s never too late to add art into your lifestyle.

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