6 Amazing DIY Tips To Be Beautiful As After Saloon Treatment

What about a nice relaxing day at the spa after a week full of commitments, work tasks, people to meet and things to do? We already know the answer. It looks pretty tempting also because you are literally exhausted and you need to take a breath before you jump back into things in the coming week.

home lockout

Your Goal #1 Is To Relieve Your Stress

Spa treatments are today very diffused and can actually offer an effective solution to most health and beauty problems that are connected to stress, depression, anxiety and bad eating habits. In most cases, stress comes from situations that you didn’t expect to happen at all. Most people, in fact, want to keep control over their life and when something happens all of a sudden they literally go into stress and bad feelings, like anger or desperation (depending on how serious the situation actually is).

Let’s explain this concept through this example: you have to go out to check your mailbox, you open the home door and when you are there looking for letters and all, you hear the door slam. You understand you are locked out of your home and you can’t fix such a situation yourself. In addition, your windows are all closed and so you can’t even get in from them there… Sounds like creally a bad situation, huh?

Despite what you may think, there’s an easy solution: call for a residential locksmith near me and wait for a while on the spot. A qualified and expert locksmith will reach you in no time to fix your problem. Pretty easy, don’t you think? So, now try to tell yourself if anger and stress are really necessary in your life.

Stress is actually a dangerous factor that has a negative impact on your health and beauty: your skin will look much smoother and healthier if you learn to let it go and to focus on rational thinking to find out a realistic solution to each life trouble.

Your Best Ally Is An At-Home Spa Treatment

The most effective way to relieve your stress and appear much more beautiful and healthier is to take care of your skin and wellness, probably like you’ve never done before. At some point, life events come to mark our mind, body, and skin and it’s proven that some beauty treatments can help a lot.

In particular, check these beauty tricks below, they will help you look relaxed and happy like after a saloon treatment at a real spa:

rose water

Rose water
Use rose water to wash and refresh your face. If you find that rose water is a little expensive, you may create it at home by pouring two cups of boiling water for every cup of rose petals. Rose water has astringent properties that will detox and tonify your face skin at the end of the day.

Facial mask 
At least once per week you should take a little time for a facial mask. You can find dozens of different facial masks in all groceries, some are liquid others are creamy. Or, you can do your own facial mask yourself. First of all, understand what type of skin you have, then make the research and see what ingredients are recommended for your specific skin type. Finally, pick up a recipe that fits your requirements and make your own facial mask at home.

Probably there’s nothing more relaxing than massages. Before to go to bed, take some minutes to massage your face, slowly and softly. You can learn the best facial massages from Youtube video tutorials. It’s easy and absolutely relaxing and you can do it yourself pretty easily.

steamy shower

Coconut oil
Curly hair can be a disaster with humidity. You may want to condition your hair with coconut oil. Leave it overnight: you will have shining hair as you wake up the next morning!

From time to time it’s good to use an exfoliating product. A sugar-based scrub is excellent to give your body a shining and sooth skin. Apply on dry skin moving within gentle circular movements. Then, rinse off and enjoy your soft skin!

Sauna effect
You can create a sort of sauna effect at home: run your shower at the hottest temperature for a while (20 or so minutes). Your bathroom will be as warm and humid as a sauna room. Apply a relaxing oil on your body while breathing the steamy air for about 30 minutes.

In conclusion, take care of your body and hair and enjoy some precious time to spend for yourself.


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