• Rocky Mountain Farm

    Contact me to purchase this original painting Title: Rocky Mountain Farm This is an original Colorado Rocky Mountain oil painting by artist Christopher Clark. Near the foot of the majestic Rocky Mountains in Colorado are spotted countless green pastures, big red barns, and cows enjoying the afternoon sunshine and tasty grass. The beauty is only [...]

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  • Quiet Morning

    Contact me to purchase this original painting Title: Quiet Morning This is an original nude figure oil painting by Christopher Clark fine art. Soft morning light, quiet time alone, a beautiful girl clearing her mind of the busy world. Own this original nude oil painting and bring serenity and peace into your life. This painting [...]

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  • Venice in the Afternoon

    Contact me to purchase this original painting Title: Venice in the Afternoon This painting is an original oil Venice Italy painting by artist Christopher Clark. With the colorful buildings, the mysterious jade green water, and serene atmosphere, Venice is stunning in the late afternoon. The sun casts orange beams of light on the faded plaster, [...]

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  • Rough Terrain

    Contact me to purchase this original painting Title: Rough Terrain This is an original western oil painting by Christopher Clark, painter of fine art. Rounding up the herd can take a cowboy through all kinds of terrain. Traveling on a late afternoon, the sun streaming through the tall pines, and picking the way around rocky [...]

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  • The West Coast of Italy

    Contact me to purchase this original painting Title: The West Coast of Italy This is an original Italy oil painting by artist Christopher Clark. The dazzling views from the western shore of Italy are unparalleled. The delicately carved coastlines are scattered with small picturesque towns, and everywhere warm red tile roofs soak up the setting [...]

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Chickens on Stone Meadow Farm


Simple Beauty

Wading Upstream

Bergamo, Italy – Strolling Through the City

The Journey Alone

Walking Home

Hiking in the Flatiron Mountains – Boulder, Colorado

The Big Red Barn in Arvada, Colorado

The Amsterdam Project, commission painting

Early Autumn, Montclair – Study of George Inness

Landscape of the Masters, study of Thomas Moran

Reuben the Dog, dog portrait oil painting

The Gypsy Dancer

Old Town Alexandria in the Winter, Commission Painting

Cafe in Venice II

Clouds Over Genova, Italy

Venice Nights II

Venice Nights

Reading by the Gelato Shop

Mr. Bingley

Fiji Sunset

New York City Skyline

Barn at Sunrise

Autumn Path, Colorado

Trolley in Astoria

Imperia, Italy – Cottage By the Sea

Grey Horse at Sunset II

Apple and Pear

Grey Horse at Sunset

Black and White Cows

Playful Cavaliers

Looking for Breakfast

The Horse Trainer

Running Free

Raising the Bar

Pink Hibiscus

Morning Coffee

The Curious Dove

Doves in Love

The Clever Hen

The Violinist from Venice

Driving Through the Italian Countryside

Late Summer in the Italian Alps

Beach Paradise

Florence, Italy – The Duomo from a Distance

Tunisian Courtyard

Cafe in Venice

Tunisia – the Sleepy Cat

Gondolier in Venice

The Basil Farm

The Old Tool Shed

Summer Evening in Milan

New York City Life


Spring Bloom

New York City, Downtown Manhattan

Cactus in Bloom

Morning at Lost Dog Wash Trail

New York City, Manhattan, 7th Ave

Times Square, New York City

Trees of New York City

Desert and Rain II

Desert and Rain I

The Bougainvillea

Morning Ride

Stairway to Vernazza

Vernazza, Italy – Bustling Street

Florence, Italy – The Arno River at Sunset

Genova, Italy – Winding Alleyway

Genova, Italy – The Wooden Door

A Quiet Moment II

Swingout in Florence

Venice, Italy – the Front Door

Fields Near Aosta, Italy

Torino, Italy, Ordinary People

Imperia, Italy – Wild Ivy, 18×24”

Gallo Italiano IV

Gallo Italiano III

Florence, Italy, Under the Ponte Vecchio II

Vernazza Harbor

Cappuccino Italiano IV

Cappuccino Italiano III

Gondoliers in Venice, Italy

Old Italian Lady, Gelato, and Her Dog

Tuscan Glow II

The Perfect Life

Sirmione, Italy, Sunlit Courtyard

Bergamo, Streets of Water

Two Sisters

Tuscany, Italy, Walking to the Rose Field II

Venice, Italy, Quiet Reflections II

Tuscany, Italy, Walking to the Rose Field

The Accordion Player

Crisp Autumn in Tuscany II

Porto Venere, Italy

Crisp Autumn in Tuscany

Path to the Vegetable Garden

Venice, Italy, Quiet Reflections

Genova, Italy, Montoggio Countryside

Genova, Italy, Porto Antico

Baby Chicks

Imperia, Italy, the Old City II

Imperia, Italy, the Old City

Imperia, Italy, Hillside City

Milan, Italy, Piazza Ducale, Vigevano

Red Umbrella Romance III

Red Umbrella Romance II

Stompin’ with Louis

Red Umbrella Romance


Ripe Wine Grapes IV


Putting on Socks

Florence, Italy, Quiet Alleyway