Sunlit Alleyway in Italy

"Sunlit Alleyway in Italy", an original italy oil painting, fine art by christopher clark artist

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Title: Sunlit Alleyway in Italy

This original oil Italy Tuscany painting is by Christopher Clark, fine art. On the west coast of Italy, among ancient ruins of churches and the winding coasts of the Ligurian sea, lies the small port town of Portovenere. Along the bayfront are multitudes of shops, restaurants, and throngs of bronzed Italians sunning themselves on ocean-sprayed rocks. Behind this street, in the bustling alleyway, there are nestled even smaller shops of all kinds, selling spices, exotic Italian-made leather goods, even gelato. And the light does wonderful things in the afternoon. Own this original Italy oil painting and immerse yourself in the real culture Italy.

This painting was done with oil paint on stretched canvas. The sides are painted black, the painting is ready to hang as-is.

Size: 30×40″

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