7 Important Things To Know To Be A Great Storyteller

If you feel that you have special skills for telling stories, you may be interested in becoming a storyteller. Usually, the most popular storytellers of our time realized that they grab people’s attention with their stories on family get-togethers or during work meetings or even on a casual evening out […]

6 Amazing DIY Tips To Be Beautiful As After Saloon Treatment

What about a nice relaxing day at the spa after a week full of commitments, work tasks, people to meet and things to do? We already know the answer. It looks pretty tempting also because you are literally exhausted and you need to take a breath before you jump back […]

Art and Mood- How Art Influences Us

Art comes in various forms such as literature art, visual art, decorative art, and graphic arts. Also, art is expressed through dance, music, and architecture. These various art forms are known for their aesthetic and market value. But more than it’s material benefits, art also plays a vital role in […]

5 Oil-Painting Portrait Rules For Novice Painters

“Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter’s soul” used to say one of the greatest artists in history, Vincent Van Gogh. This short sentence encompasses a big meaning in just a few words, every art piece (not only paintings) include a reflection of their author’s […]

Nannies’ Corner: Tips For Preventing Home Lockouts

So you have been considering working as a nanny for a while now. Maybe it is as a means of rounding your income, while doing something pleasant you never go to do while you were younger. Or maybe you just happen to love children and you have always wanted a […]

5 Tips For Storing Paintings Without Ruining Them

For an art lover, the way he chooses to preserve his most prized possessions or most intimate creations speaks loud volumes in terms of personality and passion. However, if you are new to the scene and you do not know a lot about artwork in general, you might opt for […]