Stompin’ with Louis 2

Stompin'-with-Louis Armstrong ---web-This is an original oil jazz painting by artist Christopher Clark. custom commission painting

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Title: Stompin’ with Louis

Size: 24×24″

This is an original oil jazz painting by artist Christopher Clark. This custom commission painting was done for my good friend Michelle. She wanted a painting featuring the legendary and pioneering jazz musician Louis Armstrong, as well as some dancers swinging out in a dark, fiery, sultry environment. So this is what I came up with, and Michelle even quoted “Oh my god! That’s awesome, exactly what I had in mind!” So bullseye on that one. 

I’ve been really getting into painting heavily with a palette knife lately, and I just love the effects it produced on this one: sharp edges, interesting and unpredictable color mixing, lots of paint texture moving around everywhere. The background red/black was done with a large brush with a few layers of paint before Louis and the dancers were added on with strictly palette knife work.

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Medium: Oil paint stretched canvas. Wired and ready to hang as-is.

canvas, oil paint

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