Gondoliers in Venice, Italy

Gondoliers-in-Venice,-Italy---web - original oil venice, italy painting by fine artist christopher clark

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Title: Gondoliers in Venice, Italy

This is an original Venice, Italy oil painting by artist Christopher Clark. While in Venice this summer, I rented a boat and got the rare opportunity to putt around the canals by myself. Just to dispell any romantic ideas, it was unexpectedly stressful driving around those busy canals in a tiny little motorboat that I didn’t know how to control very well, while taking pictures. Nonetheless, this is one of many great scenes that came out of it, so it was quite worth it. Now you can own this original oil painting of Venice, Italy and enjoy this tranquil canal scene, which was the result of much unexpected difficulty to capture.

Size: 11×14″

Medium: Oil paint on canvas board.

I am available for custom commission paintings of all kinds.

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