Lord of the Rings – LOTR – Gandalf and the Balrog

Original oil painting by artist Christopher Clark, Lord of the Rings - Gandalf and the Baalrog -

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Title: Lord of the Rings – LOTR – Gandalf and the Balrog

This is an original painting inspired by Lord of the Rings LOTR by fine artist Christopher Clark. The epic face-off between Gandalf and the Baalrog of Moria is awe-inspiring to say the least. This is one of my favorite scenes from the LOTR movie series. Seeing this in the theater for the first time just made my mouth fall open. Now you can experience the thrilling terror of facing down a Baalrog of Moria by owning this original painting inspired by LOTR Lord of the Rings.

The original of this painting is available for sale. Please inquire for details.

This painting was done with oil paint on stretched canvas. The sides are painted black, the painting is ready to hang as-is.

Size: 24×36″

I am available for custom commission paintings of all kinds.

Lord of the Rings © Middle-earth Enterprises.



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