New website up and running

Christopher Clark Fine Art - me in the car

Kudos to Sarah Nueber Design Development in Germany for making this awesome wordpress theme. Was tricky to set up at first (probably because I’m new to wordpress, also because it has lots of features), but the support files available were good, as well as support from Sarah herself. A few email conversations and I was up and running. Still have some customization to do, but I’m very happy with the results so far. I love that the site cross-links itself all over the place, has easily organized categories, and is very social-media friendly.

So take a look around, and please leave comments and feedback about the site, but more importantly my art. I’d love to hear comments good and bad. While compliments are always appreciated and make me feel like I’m even remotely justified for pursuing a career in fine art, constructive criticism is the only way I’ll actually improve my work. As uncomfortable as it is, the only way I’ve ever gotten better at anything is when people told me I suck – and gave me actual details on what I sucked at, and how I could improve.

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