New “Fun Beverages” series coming soon 1

During a fun weekend with my brothers in Arizona, we had a night of crazy and exotic home-made adult beverages. My brother David is a rather excellent amateur bartender, with an incredibly stocked bar in the kitchen. So late in the night Saturday, we enjoyed many a creative concoction. All were tasty and featured interesting layerings of color, different textures formed by certain alcohols mixing, and of course lots of booze. The drinks were so cool looking that I took a ton of photos, and I think I’ll do a “Fun Beverages” type series of paintings based on them. Not that I’m a huge drinker (in fact it’s the opposite, I probably have a drink every few months), but these times can be fun and the images invoke a cool but kick-back party atmosphere.

Trying to think of fun themes to do painting series of, and this certainly hit the spot. I’ve been very well received with my two tree-themed paintings: Tree of Memories and Port Orchard Trees. I will do a few more of those to complete a 4- or 5- painting series. And I will try to continue that thought process when planning my next several pieces. After all, a series of paintings has a lot more legs than just one solitary image.

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