Swingout in Florence

Swingout in Florence - commission oil painting, original oil dance painting of swing dancing lindy hop in italy florence

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Title: Swinging out Florence

This is an original commission painting by fine artist Christopher Clark. My good friend and fellow Italy traveler Aimee commissioned me to do this painting, wanting a swing dancing couple doing a swingout with the city of Florence in the background. I worked with her to establish the details about the pose, the clothes the dancers were wearing, and the view they would be dancing in front of. We were able to fit all the desired landmarks into the painting, including the Arno river and the Duomo. Aimee was thrilled with the finished product as Lindy Hop and fine art once again meet on the dance floor.

Size: 18×24″

Medium: Oil paint on stretched canvas.

I am available for custom commission paintings of all kinds.

canvas, oil paint

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