Genova, Italy – The Wooden Door

Genova,-Italy---The-Wooden-Door---web - original oil italy painting by artist christopher clark fine art

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Title: Genova, Italy – The Wooden Door

This original oil Italy painting is by artist Christopher Clark. One afternoon in Genova, I took the train to the southernmost point of the city, called Genova Nervi. It’s a beautiful stretch of city that winds along the coast in the form of steep rocky cliffs, with steps here and there leading to quaint restaurants right on the water, or sandy beaches full of sun bathers. I walked south for the whole day along the coast, and saw this beautiful wooden door with the sun spilling through the trees overhead. I didn’t read the sign, nor did I knock, so I have no idea what’s behind the door. A mystery perhaps never to be solved, except probably by the people who live there.

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Size: 18×24″

Medium: Oil paint on stretched canvas.

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