Grey Horse at Sunset

Grey-horse-at-sunset---web - original oil horse painting by artist christopher clark

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Title: Grey Horse at Sunset

This is an original oil horse painting by artist Christopher Clark. Being with horses is such a calming and humbling experience. They’re very noble creatures, smart, and very curious. This handsome grey fellow kept following me around after I pat him nicely around his head and neck, he really loved the attention. He never realized he’d end up immortalized on canvas like this, I hope I did him proudly.

On this painting, I did something interesting with the painting technique: I made each brushtroke go only horizontally. There are a few whispy brushstrokes for the tail, but otherwise every stroke only goes side-to-side. It’s a challenge, but it’s fun and always comes out with a lovely effect.

Size: 30×40″

Medium: Oil paint on stretched canvas. Sides painted black, ready to hang as-is.

I am available for custom commission paintings of all kinds.

room---livingroom original horse oil painting by artist christopher clark

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