Imperia, Italy – Cottage By the Sea

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Title: Imperia, Italy – Cottage By the Sea

This is an original Italy oil painting by artist Christopher Clark. In the city of Imperia, Italy, there is a beautiful historic center called La Citta Vecchia (the Old City), which has pretty much been untouched for hundreds of years. In this painting, with this quaint little Italian villa in the foreground, way in the distance can be seen La Citta Vecchia, in all its rustic glory, as well as this lovely ocean view too. I stayed here and worked on a farm during a summer, so I got to see this beautiful view every day. You can too when you purchase this original oil Italy painting.

Size: 18×24″

Medium: Oil paint on stretched canvas. Sides painted black, ready to hang as-is.

I am available for custom commission paintings of all kinds.

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