Cafe in Venice II

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Title: Cafe in Venice II

This is an original oil Venice Italy painting by artist Christopher Clark. Wandering the dream-like streets of Venice, Italy is an experience never to be missed. There are quaint little cafes like this one every 10 feet, just inviting you to sit down and enjoy a tiny little cup of really strong coffee, or a full dinner of steaming pasta and exotic sauces. When in Venice last summer, this little cafe caught my eye with its bright red walls and striped awning. It looks especially pretty because it had just rained, and the sun peeked out enough to make the reflections on the wet pavement shimmer. Own this original Venice painting and you can enjoy an Italian sidewalk cafe every day.

Size: 18×24″

Medium: Oil paint on stretched canvas. Sides painted black, ready to hang as-is.

I am available for custom commission paintings of all kinds.

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