Serenity in Venice

Serenity in Venice - this painting is an original italy venice oil painting for sale by artist christopher clark

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Title: Serenity in Venice

This is an original Venice Italy oil painting by artist Christopher Clark. The calm green waters of Venice in a small, forgotten canal can be very serene. Imagine you’re the only person in sight, strolling down the sidewalk of a quiet canal, the water barely rippling as it gently glides past a singular red rowboat, the distant echoes of life and commerce come to you from around the corner. In this bustling city, there can be found peace and serenity. Own this original Venice oil painting today.

This painting was done with oil paint on stretched canvas. The sides are painted black, the painting is ready to hang as-is.

Size: 18×24″

I am available for custom commission paintings of all kinds.

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