Lord of the Rings – LOTR – Gandalf, Pippin, and Shadowfax

Original oil painting by artist Christopher Clark - Lord of the Rings – Gandalf, Pippin, and Shadowfax

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Title: Lord of the Rings – LOTR – Gandalf, Pippin, and Shadowfax

This is an original painting inspired by Lord of the Rings LOTR by Christopher Clark, fine artist. Gandalf the White and his trusty yet reluctant companion Pippin charge forth on Shadowfax, the lord of all horses. This is the scene in which Gandalf fends off the onslaught of the winged Nazgul outside of Minastirith. I don’t know why Gandalf doesn’t pull this kind of trick more… instead of hitting enemies with his staff, he should just shoot beams of light out of it all the time. It seemed to work really well here.

The original of this painting is available for sale. Please inquire for details.

This painting was done with oil paint on stretched canvas. The sides are painted black, the painting is ready to hang as-is.

Size: 30×40″

I am available for custom commission paintings of all kinds.

Lord of the Rings © Middle-earth Enterprises.



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