Fun at the airport

Christopher Clark Fine Art - two sets of strings

Got caught with a cancelled flight at the airport coming home from Seattle this weekend. Luckily I had something to keep myself and all the other disgruntled holiday travelers entertained. On the top is the ukulele I got my girlfriend Alison for Christmas. On the bottom is my Martin Backpacker travel guitar, which I take everywhere. Funny enough, that guitar is always mistaken for any of the following: a mandolin, hammer dulcimer, ukulele, banjo, or any other strange and exotic mediterranean instruments i’ve never heard of. Nope, it’s just a regular guitar, without the bulk of the body. Makes for light and easy traveling, and it sounds surprisingly good for its size.

Needless to say, jetBlue put us up in a hotel for the night, where we enjoyed the jacuzzi and the Denny’s down the street, then got up at 4:30am to catch our new flight home.

And done.

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