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How to Protect and Preserve Valuable Oil Paintings

Oil paintings are marvellous and aesthetically pleasing. They have a different texture than acrylic paintings, which gives them quite a unique and bold look. But preserving the beauty of oil paintings is a task that requires care and effort. Whether you are an oil painter yourself, or a buyer who […]

Is It Difficult Learning to Draw?

Our senses are almost over-saturated with great pictures and drawings online. To the everyday person who doesn’t care about drawing, those might look interesting, or they might not look like anything much at all. One question has kept coming up again and again. It’s quite simple: is it difficult to […]

Game for development

Game for development During the Christmas holidays Or holidays on important days Many children were looking forward to the present. By choosing gifts, parents would like to have brain development. They may choose to purchase games that affect the development of the child. However, every game is more useful than […]

7 Essential Tips To Paint Portraits From Photographs

Portrait painting can be seriously intimidating, especially for many beginners. Drawing a human face is a challenging goal because of the many different details that give that face its specific expression. And what about colours? Getting the right colours for each small detail of the face is always hard and […]

Lord of the Rings charcoal sketches 2

I’ve decided to start a new fantasy series of original Lord of the Rings (LOTR) oil paintings. The cinematography in these films is spectacular, and I’ve often watched them and thought “This scene would make such a splendid painting.” So that’s what I’ve decided to do. Take my favorite scenes […]

Making of “The Gypsy Dancer” commissioned oil painting 1

Here is the making of my most challenging commission painting yet. I was asked by my good friend and art patron Karen to repaint an old painting her grandmother had when she was a little girl. It was a painting of a beautiful gypsy woman dancing around a campfire, with […]

Wine painting party

With wine painting parties being all the rage right now, my good friend and art patron Karen decided to host one at her house to see how it would go. She just invited a few close friends over, and asked me if I would teach it. We had to improvise […]

The making of Winter in Old Town Alexandria, Commission Painting

I was hired for a commission painting of Old Town Alexandria by a former resident of the city. Mark and his family went back there during the winter for a vacation, and he wanted me to paint a scene from his trip as a memory of their wonderful vacation. Here […]

The making of “Playful Cavaliers” – dog/pet portrait oil painting

This is the making of “Playful Cavaliers”, a dog-pet portrait original oil painting by artist Christopher Clark. Here is the finished painting, which you can read about here. This painting was done during my oil painting workshop/class at Jerry’s Artarama in Tempe, near Phoenix. I start with a charcoal value […]

christopher clark pet portraits 8 - dog painting original oil paint

stage4 oil painting workshops and classes phoenix by artist christopher clark fine art

The Making of “The Clever Hen” – Oil painting workshop/class

This painting was done during my oil painting class/workshop at Jerry’s Artarama in Tempe, near Phoenix. Here is the finished painting, “The Clever Hen,” 18×24″ I always start my pieces with a value study, drawn in charcoal. This is a very expressive and versatile medium, and can be pushed around […]

The Making of “The Violinist from Venice” – Oil Painting Workshop

Here is the creation process for the painting “The Violinist from Venice”, which was done live at my oil painting workshop/class that I teach every Wednesday at Jerry’s Artarama in Tempe, near Phoenix. Here is the finished painting: We start with a value study done in charcoal. This is a […]

palette - oil painting workshop class in phoenix by artist christopher clark

1-and-a-half - live oil painting demonstration, for oil painting classes and workshops in phoenix by artist christopher clark art

Live oil painting demonstration – the making of “Gondolier in Venice”

On Wednesday I did a live oil painting demonstration at the Jerry’s Artarama in Tempe, near Phoenix, to promote my oil painting classes and workshops that I teach there. Here is the finished painting I did live for the demo: Here’s a photo of the demonstration itself. This painting demonstration […]

Oil painting workshop – the making of “The Basil Farm”

This is a recap from my oil painting class / workshop I taught Wednesday at the Jerry’s Artarama in Tempe, near Phoenix. Here is the finished painting that resulted, so let’s go back to the beginning and see how we arrived there. I begin every painting with a charcoal drawing […]

house-sketch - drawing classes workshops with artist christopher clark

- photos from a recent oil painting workshop class demonstration in Phoenix, Arizona, by Christopher Clark, fine artist

Oil painting workshop/class/demonstration in Phoenix

These are some photos from the live oil painting demonstration I did yesterday at the Jerry’s Artarama in Tempe, near Phoenix. Look below to see the finished painting. I had a few people who came to see event because they heard about it, and I had several people who were […]

Live oil painting demonstration at Jerry’s Artarama

Today I did a live painting demonstration at Jerry’s Artarama in Tempe, Arizona near Phoenix. I was there for about 2+ hours showing the painting method that I’ll be teaching there on Wednesdays 12-3. It was a fun afternoon for sure, and at any point during the painting process I […]

christopher clark oil painting workshop class lesson phoenix arizona

- christopher clark plein air painter fine art

Plein Air Painting Meetup

This morning I met up with some local artists for a plein air painting day. To paint “en plein air” means to paint outdoors, on location. The results of plein air painting can have a feel of spontaneity that can be harder to obtain with a studio painting. Local artist […]

Making of “View from Home”, a custom commission painting for Tim 5

This is a custom commission painting done for my customer Tim who wanted a painting of the view from his home in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. This painting was quite a challenge for a number of reasons. 1) The formidable size of 48″wide by 36″ makes things interesting. 2) A very detailed […]

- stage of custom commission oil painting by fine artist christopher clark

5 Communication Expressive Style Tips For Young Painters

If you are a young painter and you really want to reach your public in a more direct way through expressive painting and effective artistic style, then it’s time for you to stop for a while and learn techniques that will help you achieve your goals. First of all, remember […]

Painting live at the Anaheim Art Crawl Experience, Saturday 11-19-11

I’ve been asked to return to the Anaheim Art Crawl Experience tomorrow, which is an honor considering how nice this event is. It’s a fairly new event I think, but it was totally packed with artists and people last time. They’ll have tons of food and live music again as […]

Review of canvas panels purchased from

Originally submitted at Jerry’s Artarama Art Supplies Superb performance and perfect color retention Specifically designed for oil painters Oil primed for the most brilliant results Made of medium weight linen All purpose weave and beautiful surface texture Exclusive OP enhanced oil priming As an oil colorist it is importa… Centurion […]

Anaheim Art Crawl Experience (ACE) – Successful live painting show 3

The Anaheim Art Crawl Experience (or ACE) this past Saturday August 13 was a really fun show. Live artists lined up and down the sidewalks, paint and creativity flying everywhere, palm trees glowing with bright lights, a live swing band (music provided by the infamous Dean Mora and his Modern […]

Featured Live Artist at the Anaheim Art Crawl Experience this Saturday

This Saturday, August 13th, yours truly will be a featured live artist at the Anaheim Art Crawl Experience, located at: 205 Center Street Promenade,  Anaheim, CA  92805 There will be dozens of live painters, as well as a LIVE SWING BAND, a huge dance floor filled with dancers (join in […]

Christopher Clark, fine art - home made pochade box

Home made pochade box 5

Since my recent switch from acrylic paints to oil paints, I’ve needed to change the way I do paintings outside. Rather than being cooped up inside all day, when I get a chance I go outside for a bit, even if I’m still just painting from a photo reference. Because […]

Santiago Art Walk – another fun night of art, wine and friends

The Santiago Art Walk this past Saturday was a lot of fun, thank you to all who came out and made it a great event. As usual, there were lots of galleries showcasing their latest works, live music, exotic food trucks serving all kinds of mouth-watering foods. I myself had […]

Christopher Clark - fine art - Santiago-Art-Walk

Santiago Art Walk – Saturday, July 16th, Featured live painter!

Looks like I’ve been selected again as a featured artist in this month’s Santiago Art Walk at the Santiago Art District in Santa Ana. Come down this Saturday July 16th from 7:00-11:00, I’ll be working on another spectacular painting during the show. I’ll also have complimentary wine in my gallery, […]

Commission Project Finished!

Finally finished a huge commission project for my good friend Tim. He just finished redecorating his entire house, and I was honored when he asked me to create custom artwork as his finishing touches. I designed the pieces to fit within the environment of his newly refurbished home. Here is […]

Christopher Clark - art commission painting

Daily paintings – quite a challenge

Ok so my endeavor to create one small painting each day has been challenging, especially because I’ve been neck deep in one very large commission project (not a bad problem to have). But that project was finished last night and will be delivered tomorrow! Whew. Hopefully this will free me […]

Paintings donated for AVON Walk for Breast Cancer

Winestock XIII, a charity event put on by my good friends John Harper and Janan Hughes was a huge success. Every year, these wonderful people open their home up to a fully catered wine tasting party for a charitable cause. This year’s beneficiary of the helping hand of so many […]

Christopher Clark, fine artist - live painting for Avon Walk

Christopher Clark - Fine Artist - Santiago Art Walk

Successful art walk at the Santiago Art District 1

Thank you to all who came to the Santiago Art Walk in Santa Ana this past Saturday. This was my first gallery showing there, and it was definitely a success. I met lots of fun people, drank lots of wine, and I even got some painting done at the show. […]

Santiago Art Walk – Christopher Clark, Featured Artist 1

That’s right folks, yours truly has been cordially invited to be the featured artist at the 922 gallery of this months Santiago Art District art walk. I’ll be showing every painting I have available, and will also be doing a live painting at the show. It’s a really fun event, […]

Santiago-Art-Walk - Christopher Clark, Featured Artist

My art chosen for the next CMCAC art show poster

This last art show with the Costa Mesa Cultural Arts Committee (CMCAC) and Engard Arts was a success. They chose my piece “Port Orchard Trees” to be the painting they use for their posters and brochures for the next art show. So that’s pretty cool. I showed two pieces there, […]

Artist Showcase this Saturday night

I will have two pieces featured in the Artist Showcase put on by the Costa Mesa Cultural Arts Committee this Saturday night. This is a juried show, and they selected “Only Us” and “Port Orchard Trees” as the two pieces for me to showcase, both of which are also for […]

Making of “Swingout in Autumn”

Here’s a little documentation of how I made this painting: Swingout in Autumn. I find I use a lot more home-improvement and construction-grade materials than I do actual art supplies. Which allows me to be a bit more creative, and ensures that my materials are of very high quality and […]

Finding the time to paint 1

Sometimes it gets difficult to find the time to do as much painting as I’d like. I need to paint often to fulfill two needs: 1) The obvious love and desire to paint and create beautiful images, to recreate my memories in a way that transcends the photograph and captures […]

Christopher Clark, Fine Artist - painting "Only Us"

Christopher Clark Fine Artist - drinks

New “Fun Beverages” series coming soon 1

During a fun weekend with my brothers in Arizona, we had a night of crazy and exotic home-made adult beverages. My brother David is a rather excellent amateur bartender, with an incredibly stocked bar in the kitchen. So late in the night Saturday, we enjoyed many a creative concoction. All […]

Fun at the airport

Got caught with a cancelled flight at the airport coming home from Seattle this weekend. Luckily I had something to keep myself and all the other disgruntled holiday travelers entertained. On the top is the ukulele I got my girlfriend Alison for Christmas. On the bottom is my Martin Backpacker […]

Christopher Clark Fine Art - two sets of strings

Christopher Clark Fine Art - me in the car

New website up and running

Kudos to Sarah Nueber Design Development in Germany for making this awesome wordpress theme. Was tricky to set up at first (probably because I’m new to wordpress, also because it has lots of features), but the support files available were good, as well as support from Sarah herself. A few […]