Wine painting party

With wine painting parties being all the rage right now, my good friend and art patron Karen decided to host one at her house to see how it would go. She just invited a few close friends over, and asked me if I would teach it.

We had to improvise on a few things, like using small baskets for easels, but other than that the ingredients were simple enough: invite some friends over, give everyone a palette of bright fun colors to use, hand out the brushes, pour the wine, and let the fun begin.

Almost everyone at the party was really nervous about painting, which I wasn’t expecting. I’m used to teaching art students of varying levels, but who are for the most part comfortable with painting in a class setting. Only one of these people considered themselves even close to being an artist, but the rest of them were way out of their comfort zone. So that was an interested aspect I had to work with.

We had music going, finger foods, great wine, and a lot of fun. I kept things simple and light, and everyone was really having a great time. I chose to do an abstract wine painting idea, that way it was a simple motif to follow for everyone, and they could be creative in their own way. Everyone’s paintings came out differently, which was also nice because they all came as couples. I didn’t want them both taking home an identical painting.

I really liked hearing how much everyone enjoyed the painting process, even if they don’t consider themselves artists. It was wonderful to see them all produce a painting they could take home and enjoy. Many people also said it made them appreciate good art much more. When you see someone do it, it looks easy, but doing it yourself suddenly makes you feel quite humble

Here’s Karen and I enjoying some mango iced tea (no booze in this one), and toasting a successful and fun wine painting party.

And if you’re curious, here’s the painting that I ended up with:

It’s not my usual style, but it’s nice to break out and do something different once in a while.

If you’d like to have me teach your next wine painting party, please contact me. Cheers!

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