The Gypsy Dancer

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Title: The Gypsy Dancer

Size: 30×40″

This is an original commissioned oil painting by artist Christopher Clark. My good friend and art patron Karen had talked to me about this painting of a gypsy scene she had as a little girl. She had loved it so much, and loved staring at this gypsy woman dancing around a campfire, with all these other people around her. The painting ended up with another family member in another state, but she always thought about it and wished she could have it. I offered that if I could see a photo of the painting, I could paint a new version for her. She was thrilled with the idea, had it arranged for someone to photograph the original, and I went to work. She even had some things she wanted me to change about it, since we were starting from scratch.

So Karen got the best of both worlds: she got to have the painting she’d loved so much as a child, and she got to make a few modifications that her adult self wanted to change. In the end, she was more ecstatic with the painting than I can say, she was almost in tears when I gave it to her.

Read more about how this painting came to life here.

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