Successful art walk at the Santiago Art District 1

Thank you to all who came to the Santiago Art Walk in Santa Ana this past Saturday. This was my first gallery showing there, and it was definitely a success. I met lots of fun people, drank lots of wine, and I even got some painting done at the show. People always seem to be entertained when I do a live painting, and I will continue to do them whenever possible at a gallery show. So if you enjoyed it, come to more shows and watch more paintings come to life. Photos of the finished painting will be up soon.

Pieces sold at the show:

Salute (Cin Cin) – SOLD. Commission a similar painting.

Staring at the Sun – SOLD. These are limited edition prints of my digital work, mounted on a custom textured board just for this show. Commission a similar painting.

Christopher Clark - Fine Artist - Santiago Art Walk

Walk in the Park – SOLD. Commission a similar painting, or buy a print of this painting.

Other fun photos from the event:

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