Daily paintings – quite a challenge

Ok so my endeavor to create one small painting each day has been challenging, especially because I’ve been neck deep in one very large commission project (not a bad problem to have). But that project was finished last night and will be delivered tomorrow! Whew. Hopefully this will free me up a bit to whip out some fun little paintings more often. The process has been rather educational so far, however. Doing one small painting in an hour or two (or three) is a lot less of a commitment then deciding on my next large painting project. I’m more likely to paint an image on a whim rather than painstakingly deciding and designing for a larger project. It leaves more room for experimenting, which for instance got me started using my palette knife to paint with, not just to mold texture with. Plus it gets me thinking more about painting quickly and freely, with less noodling on fine details and more focus on movement, composition, color, and shapes.

It will also open myself up to a new market of art lovers on a tighter budget. These little gems can be had for under $100, which is a steal for original art in the fine art scene. So for those who’d love to ditch the tired old Bed Bath & Beyond prints and get some great original art (without breaking the bank), these Daily Paintings are your perfect solution. Sprinkle these little original paintings around your home or office, and you’re sure to attract some attention.

Daily Paintings done so far – all available for sale. Click for the full page:

Golden Field – 10×8″

Balboa Island Tree – 10×8″

Follow the Path – 10×8″>

Warm Summer Afternoon – 14×10″

Each of these pieces can be sold as-is, ready to frame, or can be prepared to hang by themselves. Just ask!

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