Commission Project Finished!

Finally finished a huge commission project for my good friend Tim. He just finished redecorating his entire house, and I was honored when he asked me to create custom artwork as his finishing touches. I designed the pieces to fit within the environment of his newly refurbished home. Here is the livingroom:

Christopher Clark - art commission painting

And here is the giant 60×60″ piece I did for his stairwell/entryway.

Christopher Clark - art commission painting

I first visited him at his home and took photos of the rooms these paintings were to go in. I then talked with him a while about his life – this is a spectacular way to find out what someone loves in art. You don’t just come right out and say “Hey what you do you want me to paint for you?” Sometimes people don’t really know. So Tim and his daughters and my girlfriend and I just chatted all night over wine and In’n’Out, and I discovered the things he loves in life, and there you go. I also showed him my portfolio of paintings, and took note of the ones that he really reacted to. When I delivered the finished pieces and helped him hang them, he said “Your creations are inspiring!” Well thanks, Tim. You’re a good friend and I hope you enjoy my original paintings for many years.

Here are all 4 pieces I created for him (click for full size images):

Arriving at Paradise
Arriving-at-Paradise - original painting - Christopher Clark, fine artist

Tree of Memories II
Tree-of-Memories-II - original painting - Christopher Clark, fine artist

Living the Good Life
Living-the-Good-Life - original painting Christopher Clark, fine artist

If you’d like me to create a beautiful design for your home, office, or private art collection, see my commissions page to get started today. It’s such a fun process!

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