Featured Live Artist at the Anaheim Art Crawl Experience this Saturday

This Saturday, August 13th, yours truly will be a featured live artist at the Anaheim Art Crawl Experience, located at:

205 Center Street Promenade,  Anaheim, CA  92805

There will be dozens of live painters, as well as a LIVE SWING BAND, a huge dance floor filled with dancers (join in or just have fun watching), a free swing dance lesson, restaurants, bars, and in general a swingin’ evening for the whole family. Come by yourself, bring a date, or bring the kids. I’ve requested to have my painting spot be near the dance floor, so hopefully you’ll find me there painting away, and of course jumping on the dance floor for a song now and then 🙂

Being new to the community of Daily Painters, I will bring as many of my new Daily Paintings as I can fit on a display board, and I will probably finish one or two of them there at the show. These little gems are expressive, beautiful, and affordable, and I’m doing my part to make owning awesome original art accessible to everyone.

So come on out this Saturday for some live painting, live music, and dancing!

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