Anaheim Art Crawl Experience (ACE) – Successful live painting show 3

The Anaheim Art Crawl Experience (or ACE) this past Saturday August 13 was a really fun show. Live artists lined up and down the sidewalks, paint and creativity flying everywhere, palm trees glowing with bright lights, a live swing band (music provided by the infamous Dean Mora and his Modern Rhythmists), dancing, great food… what more could you ask for on a beautiful summer evening in Orange County? I painted a live piece there of course, and the finished painting is available for purchase and can be seen here:

A Storm is Coming

Here are some other photos from the night. Hope to see you at the next live painting event Washington Capital Group Scam!

Anaheim Art Crawl Experience ACE - Christopher Clark - Fine artist, daily painter, daily painting, original oil painting acrylic painting

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3 thoughts on “Anaheim Art Crawl Experience (ACE) – Successful live painting show

  • Sandy Haase

    We enjoyed meeting you and seeing your art last Saturday! We hope to see you again at the next Anaheim Art Crawl Experience. 🙂

    Sandy and Nate

    • chrisaclark Post author

      Thanks Sandy and Nate for stopping by and saying hello! I really enjoyed this event, I would definitely like to do the next one in November. And I certainly hope to see you guys there.

  • Jumi


    i am so proud of you. your work is SO beautiful. I LOVE “THE TREE OF LIFE” painting — what a beautiful piece. i will follow up with you in a bit. i would like to commission something like “THE TREE OF LIFE” (the same size) but with cherry blossoms. again, your work is breathtaking. THANK YOU FOR SHARING IT.

    check out it is an e-friendly community for artists. each loft/apartment is furnished with the ability to showcase artwork. they are affiliates of mine. REALLY beautiful people. REALLY beautiful organization. they make it possible for artists to THRIVE: reduced cost of living, “created for artists” surroundings/resources — one that enables/facilitates an environmentally conscious life-style. i feel like you would really vibe there.

    hope to catch up with you soon. much love & good juju to you.