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Superb performance and perfect color retention Specifically designed for oil painters Oil primed for the most brilliant results Made of medium weight linen All purpose weave and beautiful surface texture Exclusive OP enhanced oil priming As an oil colorist it is importa…

Decent panels for the price

By Christopher Clark, professional artist from Orange County, CA on 9/8/2011
4out of 5

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Great little 8×10″ panels, especially at the price I got them at. I think if you can get them about $3 each they’re great The panel material is not quite as stiff as I’d like – you can tell it’s not masonite under the panel which I’d really prefer. It seems like a stiff cardboard. However, it does seem to hold it’s rigidity and flatness after it’s been painted, unlike other cardboard canvas panels I’ve painted on. The linen canvas itself is great. I bought about 50 of these canvas panels and I’ve been churning out paintings on them, so if you want to see this product in real artistic use, check out my site,

I think this product is a far step above student grade, but not quite as pro as I’d want, mainly because of the not super-stiffness and weight of the board. Nice product though.

Recent painting done on these 8×10


Tags: Canvas, Panel, Paint, Using Product, Board, Oil, Made with Product, Painting

Recent painting done on these 8×10


Tags: Paint, Painting, Oil, Using Product, Made with Product, Board, Panel, Canvas


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