The Big Red Barn in Arvada, Colorado

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Title: The Big Red Barn in Arvada, Colorado

This is an original Colorado landscape oil painting by artist Christopher Clark. While in the Denver area in Colorado, I wandered around some of the more rural suburbs west of the city. Arvada is a beautiful town, with sprawling farms and greenery, lots of horses and cows and such. I encountered this beautiful red barn, and the sun was hitting it at just the right angle as it passed through these golden autumn trees. While the cows add a peaceful touch to this scene, they didn’t like me too much. As soon as they saw me standing there, they charged at me and chased me off the field, which was a bit alarming let me tell you. Some cows are really social, and some are very territorial. These were definitely the latter! Anyway, you can enjoy these peaceful, grass-loving cows from a safe distance as you relax in this tall grassy field with this lovely Colorado landscape painting.

This painting was done with oil paint on stretched canvas. The sides are painted black, the painting is ready to hang as-is.

Size: 18×24″

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