The Amsterdam Project, commission painting

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Title: The Amsterdam Project, Commission Painting

Size: 30×40″

This is an original oil painting of Amsterdam, painted by artist Christopher Clark. This painting was commissioned by my good friend and art patron Karen, who wanted it as a memory of a long ago trip to Amsterdam with her husband and some friends. This painting started out as the smallest printout of a photo from that trip. She took the photo while walking across this bridge. Karen mentioned how everyone went on walking ahead, but she just had to stop for a moment and take this photo. Little did she know it would turn into a 30×40″ painting that she would cherish forever!

Fun note: on the right side, you can see two couples walking down the sidewalk. That is Karen, her husband Stephen, and their two friends. They’re not in the original photo, but Karen wanted me to add them in there, so they could be part of the scene. That’s one of the benefits of commissioning your own painting, you can do whatever you want!

Karen was original one of my oil painting students. She wanted to commission me to paint this scene, but she wanted it to be a painting lesson as well. So I brought all my materials to her home and painted the whole thing in her dining room, which Karen watching over my shoulder and observing. She asked lots of questions, we listened to lots of music, she cooked some great food, and over two full days of painting, this piece came to life. It now serves as a living memory of this wonderful trip to Amsterdam.

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